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Wedding Planner

Wedding is most beautiful day in a life for any couple, so it is obvious that they want it to be very special and memorable, and so does we. We, at Limra Events, provide everything you need for an event. From start of the planning to, photographer, florist, invitation, décor, music, and hair-makeup etc, to the end execution. We provide cost effective yet result oriented service according to your desires and necessity.

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Birthday Parties

Birthdays are probably most prestigious day of the year for your kid. They wait keenly for this special day to get amazing presents, to spent amazing time with amazing people, i.e. friends and family. And not only kids but adults too love to celebrate birthdays by throwing parties, or doing something special, be it their kid’s birthday, other family member or their own.

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Theme Parties

Party is ok, but a good executed theme can turn that party from good to creative, fun, jaw-dropping and memorable. But it is one of the hardest part of organizing party, to decide a theme; because you have to take lot of things into consideration, such as what kind of party it is, for whom that party is, budget of the party, venue of the party, type of guests, and many more. Which is why, it’s better turn to experts, like us. You just have to ask us, provide some details, and have to stop worrying; we will take care of everything, in a manner you will like and love.

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Club Events

Club activities, events are the perfect way to promote a buzz, grab peoples’ attention and get people together; it will not matter what category your club is in, as long as those events are fun. A club that works really hard to organize different, exciting, and fun events is what makes them stand out in the competition. We can help you with that, in any manner you want. You just name the event, we will come up with creative and fun ideas to make event more fun.

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Cultural Events

Cultural events are kinds of events, in which displays or performance of artistic expression is done, also cultural events could include family customs, religious ceremonies or events, and traditions as well. But you should always look for events representing different cultures as well. These events may continue for hours or weeks. And to execute these kinds of events you are going to need a little help, we are happy to help you out.

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Farewale Parties

A Farewell Party is a really great way to send off your students, friend, colleague, or loved one with great memories. A Farewell party can be held for various reasons, such as, when students are graduating, when someone is leaving the work or retiring, when someone is leaving the country or starting a new chapter in any capacity in their life.

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Holiday Events

India is a country with very rich history as well as very good cultural and regional diversity. Due to that there is no single month when there isn’t any event holiday. Whether it’s a National holiday, Hindu Celebration, Islamic holiday, Sikh festival or any other holiday festival, you will find that there is almost always something is being celebrated.

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Baby Showers

Baby is the most beautiful blessing a married couple could ever have. And baby shower is beautiful event in the family, where arrival of baby is expected. It is a ceremony of gift-giving, and it celebrates the expected birth of a child or transformation of a woman into a mother. It includes close family and friends in the celebration of the arrival of the blessing in the family.

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Milestone Parties

In life there are milestones, whether they are in life, work, education or anything, they are meant to be celebrated with joy and happiness. We, Limra events make your events exceptionally memorable. With more than 10 years of experience in event management, with expert team in hand; we turn your dream events into reality. Promotion, Wedding anniversaries, baby shower, reunions or any other events in your life, we turn those moments of you, your family, and your friends into joyful blessings.

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Picnic Planner

Picnic is not just going to some place with food and people, there are lots of things that go in the planning of picnic, but fun and enjoyment part is seeing those things come together, which is why love picnic so much. After more than 10 years of experience in planning in beautiful events, at Limra events, we know what it takes to create a unique and fun event. Our team of experts understands, what is necessary to make your day fun with friends and family. But we do not settle for just fun, we want more than that, we want amazing day with delicious food, fun and exciting games, and all at the best location.

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