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Pole Kiosks

Pole Kiosks, also known as the Lamp Post advertisement, is the most efficient and impressionable way of advertising and branding of any product, service or business. Pole kiosks Advertising is consists of putting up small and compact advertising billboards on electric poles, back to back in a row on major city roads, mainly highways. These small but effective pole kiosks billboards attract eyes of large number of people passing through these roads. Their eyes rest on those boards because of their activeness and hence they become very effective medium to draw attention and create am ever lasting impression on the mind space of consumers. Placed at such strategic positions, our pole kiosks are and on such important locations that they cannot go unnoticed. And our experienced team mixes the pole selection and kiosk creation so well that it does wonders to promote the brand awareness.

Advantages of Pole kiosks:

  • Kiosks are at good visible height
  • Good exposure
  • Repetition helps in keeping the brand in sight more often