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Sanitization is a process of removing the harmful bacteria and microbes with the help of chemicals, so that it won’t affect any person or pet. The chemicals used in the sanitization process are in measured quantity and are diluted with water or any other diluting agents. Sanitization can also be done with the help of heat as well as some other method, but that can dangerous in some manners and context.

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Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning services are the type of services where, cleaning is done in a thorough manner unlike regular cleaning. Deep cleaning is an obsessive’s agenda, it means cleaning the dust mites behind the furniture and cabinets, shower heads and faucets, mopping under the rugs and weeping along the base boards, ceilings and windows frames etc.

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Housekeeping is an operational department in events, functions as well as in hotels. Housekeeping is responsible for cleanliness, maintenance, aesthetic upkeep of room and accommodations, public area, back area and surrounding of the event venue or hotels. We provide everything you need for a efficient housekeeping service. Our professionals handle efficient and courteous housekeeping, inside and outside of the facility.

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Pest Control

Pest control is a process to ensure that the function venue or hotels or even home etc. are refrained from all kind of pests, to ensure problem areas can be identified and effective measures can be taken according to that, and to make sure that the minimum disturbance is caused to the execution of the event of hotel services. Pest control is not a one time job; it’s a very important for maintaining a safe environment.

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