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Bus Shelter Branding is one of the cost effective medium of advertisements to promote your brand and spread awareness. It is ideal method for short term and promotional campaigns. Bus stop advertisements also known as ‘transit shelter displays’ are highly effective, sometimes more than larger hoardings. Advertisements on bus shelter stands out prominently especially for metropolitan and affluent residential localities, which are highly dependent on buses for transportation, as well as the people passing by it. Highly visible at bustling city interaction, our bus shelter ads deliver tremendous impact on the consumers. Let it be posters, banners, full house, cubicle stand, or combines with a verity of advertising options on the back wall of the bus shelter, it great provides establishment, promotion and visibility that your brand needed.

Advantages of Bus Shelter Advertising:

  • Eye level visibility: - The adverts placed at Bus stop are at the eye level display for audience. They automatically grab their attention and thus cannot be missed.
  • Easy to read: - Since the individuals wait at the bus stop for an average 15-20 minutes, your message on the advert can easily be read and remembered.
  • Frequent Exposure: - Travelers are daily voyagers, who use the same route again and again. Thus the advert will daily grab attention and breed familiarity.
  • All day long: - Unlike any other marketing medium, Bus Shelter adverts are working on your service 24*7. Thus the message will never be missed.