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Corporate Events

Simply put, a corporate event is any form of an event, hospitality or social activity which is organised or funded by a business entity, and we can assure you if you decide that business entity us, you are never gonna regret.

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Exhibitions & trade shows

In a world that’s ‘always on’, marketers worldwide are making digital a cornerstone of their marketing strategy. Digital channels offer cost-effective and targeted means to reach key audiences. Day/night, 24*7, there’s simply no limit to the opportunities for brands to engage with a wide range of audiences in increasingly personalized and tailored ways.

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Live Concert & Streaming

You know what a concert is; it’s a live music performance in front of an audience, right. The performance may be by a single musician, sometimes they called a recital, or by a musical ensemble, such as orchestra, choir or band. Concerts are held in a wide variety and size of settings, from private houses to large nightclubs.

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Dealers Meet

The dealer meeting is an important business initiative. At Ministry of events, we take this as event of special importance. Our team of professional event managers would take care of each and every aspect of the meet, and you don’t have to worry about anything. From arranging the venue to organizing the refreshments, we would extend our assistance to make your meet a grand success.

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Sports Event

In our country love for sports in people is immense, they love game from bottom of their heart, so are we; that is why we understand the significance of game experience in sporting events. From initial planning we use modern IT solutions to ensuring our clients that the final person crosses the finish line; we will be with you to ensure that your event is a complete success and sports event reach the objective asset.

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Mall Activations

Mall promotions involve exclusive displays fro your brands / service which can reach your preferred target group Malls have become the hub of consumer activity, and hence promotions in these malls are very important part of the marketing strategy for the company, because it impacts on the sales and reputation of the product/service in a huge manner. It is an effective way of selling the brand identity.

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School Events

Events are key part of the Schools, Colleges, they are tried and tested method to reach and engage with their audiences. They are the ultimate live marketing tool and, as such are immensely powerful. Today’s event attendee always expecting a high quality experience, creating that memorable even is no easy task. Be it any kind of event, such as annual functions, any kind of competitions, seminars, conferences, any kind of special days, it needs good planning and well prompt but efficient execution.

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BTL Activation

BTL stands for Below The Line Marketing. Basically, it is brand activation process of building awareness for a company by engaging directly with the target audience consumers. This can be done through different event types of marketing campaigns, as long as the effort results in a specific consumer experience that builds a company’s notoriety. BTL activations induce a list of activities that uses innovative and experimental ideas to engage its audiences.

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Celebrity Management

People arrange stars in the events, may it be from television, movie, music or sports. But there are lots of things to consider before arranging one. Budget is the key factor in arranging a star, as well as type of event we are considering etc. It may be an event of any scale starting from selection venue of marketing of the event, be it any part of the country.

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Any event needs a long planning, preparation and scheduling right from the very beginning, be it birthdays, family functions, wedding, corporate events or brand activations. Planning includes venue selections, guest’s management, programs to be implemented during the execution of the event and food and beverages etc.

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