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Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning services are the type of services where, cleaning is done in a thorough manner unlike regular cleaning. Deep cleaning is an obsessive’s agenda, it means cleaning the dust mites behind the furniture and cabinets, shower heads and faucets, mopping under the rugs and weeping along the base boards, ceilings and windows frames etc.

Limra events provide you best deep cleaning service, carried out by the highly trained professionals. Whether it is professional event or family function, we will make sure that it is carried out without worrying about anything Some service provided by us:

  • Proper cleaning and dusting or surface areas
  • Floor cleaning and maintaining all floor debris
  • Touch point cleaning
  • Vacuuming all carpeted areas
  • Spot cleaning all spill immediately
  • Chair stacking
  • Décor removal
  • Cleaning entry-ways and washrooms
  • Cleaning and also disinfecting both food preparations and serving areas
  • Trash disposal
  • Better team response