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Mall Branding

In turning prospective customers into potential buyers Mall Branding is key marketing strategy. As the audience at the malls is in the relaxed and comfortable mood, and that is highly receptive and can instantly make the move of purchasing a particular product or service because of its availability at the mall itself. However it is becoming competitive due to the fact that multiple brands are present at one place. Malls are for everything, people can eat, watch movies, shop clothes / electronics and many more. Due to this, malls have the highest range of target audience at one place; from kids to men, women, and elders everyone visits the malls. Therefore mall branding is one of the most beneficial types of marketing strategy.

There are lot of companies who can handle these types of brandings and all, but if you really want satisfaction from the work done, you really want the presence of your business, brand, product / service to be felt at various malls and with great exposure and efficiency, you look for us. Be it posters, boards, LED screens, programs of any kind etc. everything is handled by LIMRA to increase awareness of the products or services of clients. Our company has team of experts in every aspect to work creatively, making great market strategy and budgetary allocations separately to harvest maximum benefit. Services provided by our company

  • Leader- boards
  • Acrylic boards
  • Standee
  • Floor Graphics
  • Cut-outs
  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Acrylic sandwich
  • Attractive stalls
  • Pandals / Pillars
  • Shelf / Wall hangings
  • FSU
  • Sampling
  • Events to promote the products
  • Contests / some fun games
  • Experience zone