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Newspapers are type of print media or the news gathering organizations that produce them. Most commonly, newspapers are published on a daily or weekly basis, and they are meant to inform the general audience about recent events, especially public affairs and all.

Besides usually local, national or even international newspapers do carry sports and entertainment sections, opinion columns as well as advertisements and branding of various types of products and services.

Newspapers address a general and greater audience because of its conventionality, focus on a geographical area, or cover specialized subjects. They are traditionally supported by selling advertisements spaces as well as subscription or single copy itself. We provide best service for your business or brand so that it can and will get the attention and establishment it deserves.

Newspaper advertising category includes:

  • Display ads: - Rectangular advertisements, often accompanied by images, and are usually for commercial products and services or for delivery oriented or political messages.
  • Classified ads: - Brief advertisements, often text only, presented in column by topic: sale items, help wanted, personal messages such as blessings or good wishes etc.
  • Coupons: - Small promotional ads that may be cut or torn out to be redeemed for a discount on a product