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Vehicle Branding

When your vehicle promotes your business from sticker on the side to an entire vehicle wrap, this type of branding is known as Vehicle Branding. Advertising is has to be done, when some company wants to acquire some new business. Usually people think of only digital media; however, promoting your business to the public using Vehicle Branding is also an effective yet cost friendly way. It gives you an instant marketing campaign on the wheels and also it reaches to the wider audience.

Our expert team would help you design and wrap your vehicle in a way, which will be really beneficial for your business. In our service we will provide vehicle wraps according to your needs and necessity. In vehicle wrapping different materials are used to get the job done.

Types of materials used in car wraps include-

  • Vinyl: - This is a durable material; clean enough to give solid color changes as well as stunning graphics changes to the car. It offers vehicle a painted silky fresh look but also it protects the original paint from harmful elements.
  • Chrome Vinyl: - It’s a great material in case you wish to stand out because it has a reflective sheen that imparts a clear topcoat illusion.
  • Matte vinyl: - Non-Glossy but with a dramatic look, it is the most suitable choice for people who are looking for stealth look.
  • Carbon Fiber Vinyl:- As compared to the chrome vinyl, it has rugged feel & 3D appearance.